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Boreal provides results whether you want a utility-scale installation with large electrical production or just enough power to cover your monthly bills. Count on our expertise to evaluate your real estate to assess suitability and find optimal locations for adding renewable energy to your operations.

Site Evaluations

From rooftops to ground-mounted options, Boreal explores your choices and the suitability of your location. Using civil engineering and planning tools, we begin with analyzing current and projected electric loads, zoning, satellite maps, nearby utilities, and local, state, and federal regulations. Historical or site specific meteorological data helps to define wind resources.

See how Boreal measures the wind:

Met Tower Installations

If you think a site has potential for harnessing wind, rely on Boreal to erect a Meteorological Tower to measure the quality of your area's wind. We have worked on dozens of wind evaluations throughout the United States to accurately forecast the wind patterns and identify the type of turbines best suited to a range of locations -- rooftop to industrial, urban to rural sites.

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Project Finance/Grant Writing

Boreal has a proven record of obtaining grants for client projects. We understand the needs of state and federal renewable energy funding agencies, as well as the marketplace that provides the foundation of well-written and effective grant requests.

Feasibility Assessments

Choosing to proceed depends on a range of decisions. Feasibility studies include analysis of: site suitability, renewable energy resource assessment, potential environmental impacts (such as effects on birds), geotechnical capability, permitting, on-site energy consumption characteristics, utility rate class structure, electrical interconnection and financial return on investment. Boreal recommends strategies for maximizing benefits based on the results.

Project Management

From proposal stage through construction and beyond, Boreal is your experienced partner. We begin by evaluating your site for the potential of direct construction/installation and use advanced engineering tools to assure project schedules and budgets are met. Upon completion, Boreal is certified to manage revenue from the sale of electricity and renewable energy certificates.

Economic Pro Forma Analysis

Boreal uses a proprietary pro forma analysis tool to simplify project reviews. It accounts for your hourly electricity consumption vs. comparable renewable energy project production based on long-term and historic weather conditions. Renewable energy consumed on-site is generally more valuable than the same production exported to a utility. Our models factor in applicable retail and wholesale electricity rates,incentives for renewable production, project costs, tax and interest rates. We account for financial returns using terms of simple payback, net present value, internal rate-of-return, and years to break-even.

Community Education

Boreal provides support in all aspects of community relations including presentations and educational plans.

Regulatory/Environmental Permitting

Capitalize on Boreal expertise in identifying all regulatory requirements, performing critical flaw analysis and applying for local, state, federal permits and approvals.

Renewable Energy Certificate Marketing

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are awarded to projects based on the amount of renewable energy generated and have a market value that varies by state, year created, generation type, and other project details. Boreal is an ISO-NE GIS registered market participant and can provide your organization services to market, register, trade, bank, retire or sell RECs.