The story

Boreal Renewable Energy Development began in 2003 to provide comprehensive project management for renewable energy projects. By specializing in business, municipal, and institutional sites with the capacity for large on-site distributed generation (0.5 to 10 MW), our projects deliver the maximum possible financial and environmental benefits.

For clients with medium to large electric loads, Boreal creates an alternative renewable supply to augment – or replace – current retail electricity consumption, helping avoid high and volatile costs. On-site renewable energy projects can replace as much as half or more of the electricity purchased from a local utility.

In addition, we provide project management and consulting services on selected research and analysis topics.

The time is right for renewable energy for a variety of reasons: improved technology, lower costs per kW installed, high electricity rates, renewable energy inducements via tax incentives, grants programs, climate change mitigation policy and renewable energy certificate programs.

Which of these are motivating you?