Solar - Photovoltaic/Thermal | Services

Because of flexible size and varied applications, solar PV and thermal heat or hot water projects can be approved quickly, with local permitting and limited community review. Solar arrays can produce electricity, heat water, and warm building interiors. Finding the right combination of resources for your facility requires choosing the best sites, selecting the right equipment and minimizing changes to existing building systems.

Site Evaluations

Solar panels work best when facing south. But even if your building isn’t optimally situated, Boreal can design customized solar arrays with the most applicable mounting systems depending on the direction and condition of the site and nearby shading obstacles such as trees and power poles. Using structural and electrical engineering and planning tools, we analyze current and projected electric loads, facility load profile, structural requirements, zoning, plumbing and electrical infrastructure, and local, state, and federal regulations. Historical climate data and our solar access tool identify how many days of direct sun your site receives.


Based on site evaluation, Boreal determines potential solar energy system capacity and customizes component specifications for each possible installation site. We use various computer-assisted design tools to produce accurate two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) drawings to develop the visual representation of the solar energy system. The most cost-effective option requires investigating the best solar solution mix (solar hot water and photovoltaic) AND the right location, on a rooftop, ground-mount, car canopy or vertical wall.

Construction Oversight

Boreal provides a construction review at approximately 50% progress and at 100% completion for each solar site in full compliance with the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) protocols. Proper integration of the electric production meter and its data collection system is also evaluated.

Project Finance/Grant Writing

As part of any project evaluation, Boreal principals review costs, benefits and available programs that can support your project. We have a track record of winning grants for solar installations. And we have integrated solar assets on historic buildings while preserving architecturally-distinctive facades and rooftops. From airplane hangars to municipal facilities and national parks, we have broad experience in both the engineering and aesthetics of solar installations.

Feasibility Assessments

Choosing to pursue a project depends on a complex set of decisions. Feasibility studies can include analysis of: site suitability, renewable energy resource assessment, geotechnical capability, permitting, on-site energy consumption characteristics, utility rate class structure, electrical interconnection and financial return on investment.

Economic Pro Forma Analysis

Boreal uses a proprietary pro forma analysis tool that accounts for your hourly electricity consumption vs. comparable renewable energy project production based on long-term and historic weather conditions. Renewable energy consumed on-site is generally more valuable than the same production exported to a utility. Our models then factor in applicable retail and wholesale electricity rates, project costs, tax and interest rates. We explore financial returns in terms of simple payback, net present value, internal rate of return, and years to break-even.