When you are considering renewable energy for your facilities, Boreal Renewable Energy Development helps at every step along the way. From initial evaluation through economic and regulatory analysis, Boreal’s experts can customize solutions that provide reliable energy at a consistent, long-term price.

renewable energy projects can replace as much as half or more of the electricity purchased from a local utility

We’ve outfitted industrial manufacturing plants, rooftops of historic buildings and a range of other sites with wind power, photovoltaic panels and solar thermal hot water or air heating. Helping clients obtain grants to support studies or construction is another Boreal advantage.

Since 2003, Boreal has worked with dozens of wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays and other renewable energy projects; more than virtually any of our nearby competitors. Benefit from this diverse experience and find the right balance of economic and environmental gains for your organization. Call us to learn how renewable energy can reduce budgets and provide ‘greener’ energy.

Boreal is an ideal choice for clients who want to:

  • Benefit from significant electric cost savings
  • Implement renewable technology that has a tangible impact on profit margins with environmental and public benefits
  • Promote renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a sustainable economy, and encourage energy self-reliance
  • Mitigate the risk of energy price spikes
  • Engage a trusted, long term partner to manage project development and operations


Wind, solar and hydroelectric are the primary areas of Boreal experience. Through partners and associates we can pursue other types of renewable technologies such as biomass development.

A successful project begins with a range of analyses that span regulatory, economic, and engineering disciplines. Considerations include:

  • local, state, and federal permitting regulations;
  • routes for obtaining community acceptance;
  • retail electric pricing market rules and structure;
  • potential grants through federal and state sources;
  • tax rules and credits;
  • critical site flaws such as accessibility; geotechnical issues or interconnection.

Boreal actively recruits clients by identifying sites with high renewable energy potential. An internal client champion is key to the success of any project. If you are that champion, we are ready to make renewable energy production at your site a reality