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Backed by years of experience and international project knowledge Boreal provides expert advice for capitalizing on wind, solar and other renewable energy systems. We’ve helped organizations from small companies to multinational corporations and government agencies determine the right balance of economic and environmental gains. Start with an evaluation of your real estate portfolio to find locations that can produce cost savings and other bottom-line results.

Economic and environmental benefits

For clients, Boreal researches local electricity tarriffs and grant programs to establish the economic viability of specific proposals. Estimates on carbon offsets can be determined based on estimated future output of a renewable project.

Technology review

Navigating the diverse world of wind turbines and solar panel types and sizes can be daunting, Boreal maintains a database of equipment, installers and other details. We advise which vendors are best suited to your project and this due diligence extends to the vendor’s economic health, warranty, reliability and service performance. This long-term view gives clients greater confidence and makes our economic forecasts more reliable.

Market review

Companies entering the renewables market and policy makers turn to Boreal for unbiased assessments of potential market size, structure, opportunities and barriers, along with costs and benefits of various installation scenarios. We have lent our expertise to companies with new technologies and advised governing agencies and corporations on issues ranging from permitting standards to regional energy policies.